BravoSolution On-Demand Webinars

Finding Hidden In-Year Savings

Most procurement plans establish targets to be delivered over a number of years, and indeed most of the effort in the current year will not achieve maximum returns until future years Procurement. But there is still a target to deliver […]

The Digital Procurement Era

As organisations move to an environment characterized by cloud computing, the Internet of things, distributed computing, and mobile applications, it will be important to understand where and how these technologies can create value and support procurement decision-making.

Sourcing Optimisation- Understanding the Process and the Benefits

More and more companies are using sourcing optimisation approaches and software, with considerable success. As computing power increases, the possibilities for using the process are also growing, and the results can be startling (and very positive). This webinar will give […]

Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis

This webinar will explore the types of problems and questions faced by procurement executives that can benefit most through the application of analytical solutions (e.g. innovation, strategic cost management, risk mitigation, etc.). In addition, we will cover the different forms […]

Achieving Strategic Alignment for Procurement With the Board…in just 3 pages

This webinar dealt with the myth that setting procurement strategy aligned with board goals is extremely complicated and only achievable by the planet’s smartest minds. Craig Lardner FCIPS explains how we have too long held the view that we are […]