August 2016

7 Reasons why Projects Succeed

Delivering a project on time, on budget and meeting expectations is a great achievement. Where a change management project is concerned, it’s a stunning achievement that can have immediate effects on the wider organisation. Of course, not all projects go to plan but knowing the reasons why projects succeed can go a long way to helping ensure […]

March 2016

Putting Suppliers at the Centre of your Organisation

For the majority of organisations, suppliers are central to their very existence, and to their success or failure. […]

January 2016

Real World Procurement Series – Next Generation Supplier Management

“SRM” has been a hot topic for some years now, but technology is changing supplier management just as it is other areas of the procurement lifecycle. We will look at the latest thinking in the whole area of supplier management – so not just the “SRM” around the most critical suppliers, but the wider picture.

That […]